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A Dragon Watches
This picture took me 6 months, multiple versions, and reviewing lots of horse and cave references.  I don't know why I enjoy drawing hair so much (see Autumnshy picture drawn previously).

I should get back to studying now...
I haven't been active here much since I've been working on a multipart picture that's taking me several months (will upload when all the parts are done).  Tonight I just wanted to doodle on Paint Tool SAI since I haven't used it in a while.  It came out looking sort of marker-y which I like.
This one was done as an experiment to mimic the style of a comic book.  I originally drew this in my sketchbook months ago, started on a digital version a month or so back, and left it alone for a while.  I came back to it last week, even though I'm currently working on something else, just to get it done.  This is what I spent my Labor Day weekend doing.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, actually.
Hello watchers!  I was at FillyCon this past weekend, sharing a table with the talented and helpful Zene.  It was a first year con and the first one I've sold at outside of Bronycon and the one D.C.-centric Cloudsdale Congress in 2013.  While it was a fun experience, I think all the vendors suffered because we were apparently given a smaller space than we thought we would have in the hotel, and there just didn't seem to be too many attendees.  Luckily I made back the cost of my half-table, but there wasn't much profit on the whole.  Which kind of stinks as I'm at a point where I'm going to school and trying to pay bills on a salary that's essentially been halved (since I work part-time now).

But enough about that.  I'm not sure if I'd be up for another smaller con; it really depends on the amount of travel I'd have to do/expenses.  Because I could drive to Philadelphia, that made it easier.  Philly was a fun city and I'd love to go back sometime!

As for next year's Bronycon...I'm torn between wanting to sell and still thinking I need to improve a lot.  I want to go back to traditional art (despite the costly materials) and play around much more with different media.  I'd like to try doing things other than pony, but I don't know what.  Perhaps next summer I can take an art class.  The point is, I want to learn, and I want to branch out, and I still don't feel comfortable with where I am as an artist and what I'm producing.  I know I'm my own biggest critic and I have confidence issues, but...I guess we'll see what happens.  We've still got some time before next summer comes.


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